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Never Name the Dead

The First Book in the Mud Mystery Series

Rejected for not being Indian enough, Kiowa born Mud escapes to Silicon Valley where she transforms into successful entrepreneur Mae. It takes murder, theft and the disappearance of her Grandfather to get Mud back to the Reservation of her childhood. Upon arrival, she’s thrown into an unexpected spiritual quest as she faces childhood foes and her own insecurities, deceit and a charging buffalo. It takes a blend of Silicon Valley ingenuity and Native American spirituality to solve the murder—before time runs out.


The Mud Mystery Series

Murder with a Twist of Kiowa Spirituality

Never Name the Dead, is the first in a planned murder mystery series featuring Kiowa professional Mud Sawpole. The first four books follow successive days with each flowing to the next emulating stages in a Kiowa spiritual vision quest as Mud stumbles, rights herself and finds her place in both worlds, Silicon Valley and Kiowa Country, all while solving murders. The quest begins in Never Name the Dead with Mud discovering her Spirit Animal while she struggles to solve her first murder in Kiowa Country.

Mud's adventures won't end with the first book. More Mud murder mysteries with a twist of Kiowa are planned.


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