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D. M. Rowell


( Koyh Mi O Boy Dah )


Like her protagonist Mud, D. M. Rowell comes from a long line of Kiowa Storytellers within a culture that treasures oral traditions. She’s an award-winning and nominated producer/writer on several documentaries, including Vanishing Link: My Spiritual Return to the Kiowa Way, seen on PBS and winner of TrailDance 2007 Best Oklahoma Documentary.

As a child, Rowell was heavily influenced by her traditional Kiowa Grandfather, C. E. Rowell. He was an artist, master storyteller, recognized Tribal Elder and one of the last readers of the Sai-guats, winter count deerskin calendars that chronicled a hundred years of Kiowa history. Her Grandfather’s stories, memories, and art instilled a deep respect and love for her Kiowa culture and traditions within Rowell.

After a three-decade career spinning stories for Silicon Valley startups and corporations with a few escapes creating independent documentaries, Rowell started a new chapter writing a mystery series that features a Silicon Valley professional Kiowa woman and her Plains Indian tribe. The first in the series is Never Name the Dead, Crooked Lane Books, November 8, 2022.

  Rowell enjoys life in California with her partner of thirty-eight years, their son and a bossy, feral gray cat. 


More About D. M. Rowell

D. M. Rowell is an award-winning and nominated producer/writer on several documentaries, including:

Learning Kiowa

Tribe Elders share how they learned the Kiowa language, the importance of preserving the language, and their memories of growing up with their grandparents, the last Free Kiowas.


 Kiowa Nation Museum 
 Kiowa Broadcast Carnegie, OK
Vanishing Link

An inside perspective of the multi-generation passing of oral traditions from Kiowa elders to grandchildren.


TrailDance Best Oklahoma Documentary
Premiered on PBS
Butch Mystique

Exposes the rules, thoughts, passions and concerns of African American butch-stud identified lesbians.


  • • Showtime Black Filmmakers Showcase
  • • Outfest, Outstanding Documentary Short
  • • Frameline, Audience Award Best Short
  • • Starz Pan African FF, Best Documentary Short
Jumpin the Broom: The New Covenant

A groundbreaking look inside gay marriage in the African American community.

Premiered on Showtime and aired on Logo.

Rat Fancy

Striving to create the perfect pet, “from the inside out”, a group of passionate enthusiasts breed rats to strict show standards hoping to capture the elusive “Best of Show” win. Rat Fancy provides an inside look at the thriving community of people who fancy rats.

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